About us

About us

Our company was established in 1983 in Bydgoszcz. At the beginning we focused on producing anatomical models of animals and fruits made from stiff polyurethane foam. Our area of expertise also included producing medicine balls for schools.

Założenie firmy
Powstaje przedsiębiorstwo pod nazwą Pracowania Pomocy Dydaktycznych.
Pozyskanie Partnerów
Nawiązanie współpracy z Zakładami Rowerowymi Romet S. A. oraz Zakładem Naprawczym Taboru Kolejowego.
Rozpoczęcie produkcji pianek zimno formowanych elastycznych, sztywnych oraz integralnych.
Przekształcenie przedsiębiorstwa ze spółki cywilnej, w spółkę z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością.

At the beginning of the 90’s, the public sector’s demand decreased, thus we changed the profile of our offer to producing bicycle saddles. In 1992, we started cooperation with Zakłady Rowerowe Romet S.A. which at that time was the biggest bicycle and motorcycle manufacturer in Poland. We also took part in projects with other significant Polish railway partners such as Zakład Naprawczy Taboru Kolejowego. Our company was developing so fast that we had to move to a bigger office in order to keep up with the rising number of orders.

In 2001, we adjusted our offer to new demands of the market and started producing could moulded elastic foams, stiff and integral foams that are used in furniture, automobile, railroad, sport and medical industries.  In 2004 we transformed from a private partnership into a limited liability company. Because of the change in the assortment our name also changed to Wytwórnia Pianek Poliuretanowych (Polyurethane Foams Manufacturer Ltd.).


Our goal is to maintain high standards of production and to compete with the biggest polyurethane companies in the world.


In order to provide the best quality foams for our clients our company specializes in a particular sector of the market. We do everything what is possible to create a safe work place for our employees and to protect natural environment. We are perceived in the industry as an experienced and professional foam provider of the most prominent furniture manufacturers in the world and we work hard to maintain the highest standards that we have set.