About us


Thanks to over 35 years of tradition in processing of polyurethane systems, our company is currently Europe's leading manufacturer of foam elements. State-of-the-art technology combined with extensive experience allows us to ensure that our Customers are offered top-quality, flexibility and competitive prices. Since 2005, a quality management system compliant with the ISO 9001 standard has been functioning in our Polyurethane Foam Manufactory.
Our technologically advanced and automated machinery park as well as 4 production lines allow us for mass production. People are our greatest asset, and their expertise and experience translates directly into efficient functioning of the organisation and quality of our products.

Our History
Establishment of our company
A company named Pracowania Pomocy Dydaktycznych is established.
Beginning of large-scale production of moulded foams.
Starting cooperation with Zakłady Rowerowe Romet S.A. and Zakład Naprawczy Taboru Kolejowego. Change of name into Wytwórnia Pomocy Szkolnych.
Start of cooperation with IKEA.
High quality of our products and timely execution of orders made it possible for us to start cooperation with the world's biggest furniture manufacturer. We introduced a quality management system compliant with the ISO 9001 standard. Moreover, we aligned our activities with IWAY and IMUST standards.
Change of name into Polyurethane Foams Manufacturer (Wytwórnia Pianek Poliuretanowych).
Change of the Company's business focus entailed the change of its name.
New registered office
Moving the company's registered office and restructuring it from a civil law partnership into a limited liability company.
Expansion of the production hall
Thanks to EU funding, we created a Research & Development Department, expanded production halls and implemented an automated foam production process.
Vibration isolation materials - WIBROPUR
Marketing new vibration isolation products under the brand WIBROPUR. Opening of a new automatic production line.
Our Mission

By making use of our experience, professionalism and hard work, we still want to be an innovative company offering products which meet the ever-growing requirements of our partners. When making new investments, we pay attention to sustainable development and gaining competitive advantage through: innovativeness, flexibility and limited material consumption. Our products mainly are targeted towards customers from the following industries: furniture, railway, automotive and construction.

How our product is made


On the basis of input data in the form of 3D documentation, we prepare an offer for manufacturing of foams and necessary equipment. If no documentation is provided, our Product Development and Implementation Department prepares (using a 3D scanner) a digital model on the basis of a received product design.


A mould for production of foams and the first prototypes are made at the project implementation stage. Our products are made on the basis of our own formulas, while physical, combustion and chemical parameters are individually tailored to Customer’s needs.


Finished polyurethane foam prototypes are sent to the Customer for quality acceptance. After obtaining the acceptance, we launch mass production.